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Terms & Conditions

VoJo’s Play Bus
Terms and Conditions for Play Bus hire.
Terms and Conditions for Play Bus hire
· A £40 non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure your booking and full payment must be received 2 weeks prior to the party. This can be paid in instalments if you prefer.
Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or PayPal. 
. Once your booking is confirmed, the duration can not be changed.
· Access to 1 power socket is required. 
· Socks and trousers must be worn at all times when using the equipment.
· Rules of play must be adhered to at all times.
· Injured or unwell children should not attend.
· In the unlikely event due to mechanical breakdown, or other uncontrollable circumstances and we are unable to arrive; we will refund any money already paid in full or arrange to do the party another date depending on availability
· We will require five parking spaces to park and we would appreciate your vigilance with this so as to avoid obstructing other traffic, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide safe and adequate parking.
· No smoking or drinking alcohol on the bus
· Unacceptable, intimidating or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Those involved will be asked to leave the play bus.
· Please be aware that VoJo’s Play Bus is a full sized Double Decker bus, 14ft 5” high 8ft 3”wide and 32ft long. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure there is adequate space for our bus to reach your property. For any reason we are not able to gain access to your property or if we feel by doing so may cause damage to our Bus we will have the right not to proceed. Refunds will not be given
· Notifications must also be given by the customer of any low bridges, weight limits and narrow roads on route to your property. Any of the above not mentioned by yourselves may result in the bus not being able to access your property and us not being able to provide you a party.
· The customer will be responsible for any parking charges that may arise for the duration of the hire and is to ensure that sufficient permits/permissions are obtained for the bus to park in its location for the duration of the hire. Any resulting fines or tickets will be directed at the hirer for failing to pay costs and obtaining such permissions.
We accept no responsibility for any damage to driveways/ ground parked on, fencing and any other structure near to the venue during the event. Including, but not limited to internet and electricity cables.
· There are no toilets on the bus. Accompanying adults should make alternative arrangements for children’s needs. In the event of toilet accidents, if professional cleaning is required, a cleaning fee may be charged.
Due to health and hygiene, if any person on the bus urinates, soils, or vomits, the party will be immediately paused and everyone will be asked to exit the bus. The party host will then assess the situation. If it is a small accident which can be cleaned and disinfected on site, this will be done and then everyone will be able to re enter the bus. (No additional time will be added to the end of the party for this) If they deem the accident is too severe, or if anyone urinates, soils or vomits in the ball pit the party will be terminated and the host will leave. No refund full or partial will be given. If professional cleaning is required, a cleaning fee may be charged.
· NO ONE should approach the vehicle whilst it is manoeuvring into position and until the engine is switched off. We ask no one enters the bus until the Play bus staff invite them on board
· Chewing gum is not allowed
· We do not accept responsibility for children with any food allergies – please ensure that these children are correctly cared and catered for.
· All jewellery must be removed from the child and looked after by an accompanying adult. The Play bus holds no responsibility for lost or damaged jewellery or belongings.
· The Play bus staff have safety in mind at all times. If they feel it is necessary to end a party early for any safety reason they reserve the right to do so.
Refund Policy
We will offer a full refund in case of cancellation by us due to mechanical failure beyond our control.
In the case of adverse weather conditions whereby it would be too dangerous for the bus to travel or for the party to go ahead an alternative date will be offered depending on availability. 
If you need to cancel your party or event please contact us immediately.
Please note parties cancelled within 14 days of your party date will not be eligible for a refund. 
If the cancellation is longer than 14 days, we will refund all money minus the deposit
Depending on the circumstances we will do our best to offer you an alternative date.
  • Changing the Date & Time:  If you need to change the time or date of your booking within 4 weeks of your party there will be a £50 charge. This is subject to availability.

  • If you need to change the date or time of your booking longer than 4 weeks this can be done subject to availability.
Rules of play
· Only children aged 11 years and younger may be allowed to play on the bus.
· No smoking, vaping, eating or drinking is allowed in the play area.
· Shoes must be removed and placed in the pockets provided.
· Socks must be worn at all time.
· Injured or unwell children should not play.
· Both adults and children must remove all footwear upon entry to the bus.
· Alcohol must not be consumed on the bus.
· No belts and buckles allowed.
· Confetti or party poppers are not to be used on the bus.
· Due to safety and insurance reason the bus does not travel with children on board the bus.

Photography & Social Media

  • For advertising purposes we may take photos and/or short videos. These may be used on our website or on other social media advertising platforms. As we are unable to seek permission from the parents of all the children attending regarding photos we ask the booking party to let us know if you’d prefer no photos or videos. You are also welcome to take photos as you please